Meet Our Volunteers

Bebe Barnes – Board Of Directors

I have been on the Board of Directors since Cindy’s Celebrations started.  I served as Board President for many years and am now the Vice president.  It only takes one visit to Cindy’s Celebrations to see what a wonderful opportunity it is for seniors.  It brings real joy to many seniors who would otherwise have little contact with others.  They are honored in a way you just don’t see very often.  It is my pleasure to be a part of this wonderful group.

Jeanette Roumimper – Board Of Directors

My name is Jeanette Roumimper. I have been a luncheon volunteer at Cindy’s for the past two and a half years years and on the Board of Directors for the past two years. I originally became familiar with Cindy’s about fifteen years ago when my Father In Law attended. I saw first hand how wonderfully he was treated by Cindy’s and how much he loved attending. My Mother In Law was also grateful as it gave her the needed rest that she so deserved. I am so fortunate that my schedule allows me to volunteer my time to the organization that did so much for my family.

Delores Stagi – Board of Directors

I have been at Cindy’s for about 10 yrs.  My Mom enjoyed  Cindy’s so much.  I have grown so much in my faith from being on the board.  Thank you Lord!!!  George and I have been married for 42 yrs and we have two Children.  Mark and Michelle. We have 4  adorable grandchildren.  Faith 5, Isaiah 4, Jeremiah 2 l/2, Gabriella  8 months.  I enjoy working in the garden, cooking, baking, and Love being with the Grandkids.

Lindsay Lash Stover – Program director

My life with Cindy’s……

I was five years old when my Mom Cindy, started Cindy’s Celebrations.  I remember as a young child the many senior friends that would gather in our living room daily and share in a delicious home-cooked meal together.  I observed the hospitality, love, hugs and smiles my Mom extended to each luncheon guest.

I especially remember the summer days, when I was out of school and was able to participate in the activities each day. Those would include lawn bowling, crafts, bingo,Trivial Pursuit and 20 questions. Sometimes I was even able to bring out my keyboard and put on a little music show. I’d press a button and have it play a song as I moved my fingers and pretended to play. As a kid it was fun to join in these fun filled activities. I recall the joy and smiles on each of the seniors faces.

I didn’t realize it then, but through each moment I observed and interacted the best I could as a kid. My heart was being softened and bent towards a love for seniors. Through these many years I was being prepared for the future.
In 2003, I graduated from Soquel High School and then attended Cabrillo College for two years.

It was in 2005, when I was 20, I officially became a part of the Cindy’s staff. What a wonderful blessing it was and still is to be able to work alongside my Mom. When you go to work and have a day filled with smiles, laughs and hugs brought to you by people between the age of 75 -105, EVERY DAY IS A GREAT DAY! ❤️

Many people have said to me what a blessing Cindy’s Celebrations is, but really I am the one blessed beyond the beyond through all our wonderful senior friends…….their life stories, their enthusiasm, their smiles and hugs, their jokes, their sincere appreciation, their simple words of encouragement and the way they light up when they see you.  I don’t think there are quite the right words to explain the blessings received… It is something you just have to experience for yourself!

In 2010, my parents made the decision to move to Texas and I made the decision to take over the daily operations as program director of Cindy’s Celebrations.  There was no way I could watch my parents leave the state and see Cindy’s end! As it had been such a huge part of my life and made such a positive impact on our local senior community.  So with that, my Mom diligently showed me all the behind the scenes ropes.  With her amazing help, the Board of Directors faithful support and help, our wonderful staff and volunteers and the strength of God we continued on! WOW! GOD IS SO GOOD. It’s been so incredible to be in the position I am in and continue to work in the ministry in which I grew up around.

I love the many friendships that are created through Cindy’s. I love the seniors. I love the joy. I love the hugs. I love the life. I love the  positivity. I love the smiles. I love the laughs. I love the hearts. I love the conversation. I love the staff. I love the volunteers. I love the board of the directors. I love my Mom. I love that God has given me this opportunity and strengthens me each day. I love the blessings. I love Cindy’s Celebrations.

I continue to be filled with joy, faith, love and so much more through all that this ministry continues to bring to my life. Praise God! ❤️

Susan Doan – Staff

” I am very thankful for all the many years I have had the privilege of working at Cindy’s Celebrations! It all started when my mother-in-law was living with us and became a luncheon guest 3 times a week.  She had memory loss and couldn’t be left alone.  As a busy mother of 4 children, the youngest in 2nd grade, I needed time to take them places, be involved in their activities, and run errands. I was more than grateful for the respite time that Cindy’s provided, and best of all my mother-in-law loved her Cindy’s outings!  She would come back happy after her fun day, filled with hugs and nurturing love.

    I began volunteering as a way to “give back” in appreciation of all our family received from Cindy’s Celebrations.  After our dear Mom passed away I became a staff member. The luncheon guests have always been dear to me, as we share life and love together.  What a joy to get to experience Cindy’s from a luncheon guest family perspective, to now a staff member.  Each guest is a treasure to my heart and a gift from God to be highly valued, respected and cared for~~ to be seen as precious, just as God sees each one of us!!”

Linda McKitterick – Staff

 I was introduced  to Cindy’s by a dear friend.  I came to lunch and was impressed by the love and care that went into each day’s luncheon and the feelings of joy that was demonstrated on the face of each guest.  When I was asked to be on staff I didn’t give it a second thought, that was over 8 years ago.  I am blessed to be a part of serving our seniors and God in this amazing organization.  It has been a privilege to be a part of the Cindy’s team!    I love getting to know our seniors and their families, being involved in their lives and sharing in their joys both past and present!   Cindy’s is a place that honors each guest in a way that encourages, loves and brings out their best! As is always true of my God, I have received so much more than I have given. The guests as well as their families, the volunteers and board members have become dear and precious friends.

Kaitlin Tinker, Volunteer

My name is Kaitlin Tinker, and I am a student at Cabrillo College as a psychology major. I love to bake, and really enjoy making desserts for Cindy’s Celebrations on Fridays. I have been a volunteer at Cindy’s for 7 months now, and every week I am more inspired by all of the guests. I was really close with my great grandparents, and volunteering at Cindy’s is a way to honor them and to be a part of the community.

Carole Stanfield – Volunteer

About 10 years ago in 2014 I was privileged to become a volunteer on Fridays for Cindy’s Celebrations assisting to love and cherish seniors who have contributed so much to society, and whose lives are individually so unique and accomplished.  Tom Brokaw called these seniors “The Greatest Generation” in a book of that title for “men and women coming of age during the Great Depression and the Second World War going on to build modern America – men and women whose everyday lives of duty, honor, achievement, and courage gave us the world we have today.”

I have been so honored to listen to their stories, and in return blessed to fulfill my servant heart’s capacity showing love and gratitude to each guest.  I read sometime ago from Jimmy Carter’s book “Our Endangered Values” relating his partnering with a very effective Cuban-American pastor who stated, “that you only need two loves in your life; one for God and one for the person in front of you at any particular time.”  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord for that truth!   Thank you Lord for guiding my path to Cindy’s.

Carol Gray – Volunteer

I began serving at Cindy’s Celebrations back in the late 1990″s, as a board member.  I remained on the board for about a year or so,  as I moved to Post Falls, Idaho for a few years.

Upon moving back, I was out having lunch with my daughter, and happened to be at the same place, Cindy’s Celebrations was.  I could feel excitement in my heart watching them at lunch, and could hardly wait to call Cindy, and ask, if there was an opening for me to come back!!!  

Cindy’s Celebrations has always been in my heart, as I love each and every one of our guests.  They all contribute so much to Cindy’s, be just being with us.  It warms my heart to see the wonderful smiles and hugs .

To share the love of Jesus, with all of our guests it just the best feeling ever… and, sometimes causes tears of happiness for us all!!