Recent Testimonials…

Dear Cindy,

In the year 2000 my father got sick and went to the hospital.  We did not know what to do with my mother, as she had

Alzheimer’s.  We could spend the night, but we both had jobs that were hard be absent from.  Nick was a police dispatcher, and I was a International shipper for an x-ray tube company.  You came in and saved the days, taking my mom for two weeks straight with out a charge, as we had no way to get into Dad’s accounts.  You graciously waited months until we were able to pay.  This is the reason I continue to support Cindys, so you will be able to do that for others.

I sincerely thank you, and love you with all my heart. Looking forward to my next hug.

Your friend, Donna

Hi Lindsay,

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you.

I wanted to tell you, though, how grateful we are that she was able to have these outings and how much she enjoyed them.

Mom considered these outings as the high point of her week. It was a perfect arrangement for her and I’m sure these outings helped prolong the time she has left with us.

Again, Thank you.

Bob, Liz and Anthony

“I was new in the area and have met a lot of nice people here. I really look forward to my Monday,Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s about my only outing.”

“I like eating,especially to eat out. I like everything about the day. I like to get out of my room you know.”

“It’s my lifesaver. It’s nice to get out and meet all these lovely people. We have lots of fun. I can’t wait for my day out with them to go! The restaurants are terrific.”

Established in 1990 by Cindy Lash, Cindy’s Celebrations still bears its founders name, although Lash has since moved to Texas. But remains actively involved as the leadership and marketing director. Her daughter Lindsay Stover, who has participated in the nonprofit since childhood is now it’s Director.

Cindy would tell you that this is exactly what God designed her to do!
In the early years of Cindy’s three days a week she would prepare the dinner like meal as if 20 of her closest friends were coming to lunch. This would all be done in her home on Cherrydale in Soquel. Though the location has changed in these past 24 years several times. But the heart and the passion remains the same for each of our staff, volunteers and board of directors. Serving seniors and their family with the love of Christ the hope he offers and the provision he provides. While honoring and celebrating each one.

“The staff and volunteers with Cindy’s Celebrations treat seniors with dignity and love.” “They are amazing. When someone would come to pick up my father, they would first greet my mother with a big hug. They would realize that everyone involved needs a little bit of attention.” Jeanette Roumimper

” Thank you for the opportunity to serve you with love and a hug!”



Our dear Lindsay shared the following two snapshots of her day as she went to pick up and take home long time luncheon friends Lee and Clint…

Lindsay’s time spent with long time luncheon friend Dr. Lee…Lee is a 92-year-old retired cardiologist. He was the first in San Diego County to use electrocardiogram. Wow! Lindsay went on to share that she had a special take home time with him just before our Christmas break.

Lee who always has a smile on his face,a thumbs up and a hug to give was so thankful this particular Friday as I brought him home. As we headed up the hill towards his house…..he sincerely expressed his joy……Saying”What a wonderful day he had! And how special this program is! That it is a very nice thing that we do!”I smiled and said” awe, thank you Lee. I’m so glad you’re part of our group! We love you!” When they pulled into the driveway at Lee’s home they got out of the car and Lee’s son met them at the door.

He proceeded to tell Lindsay how much Dad enjoys coming to Cindy’s…… Then as they stepped in the doorway Lindsay was greeted by Lee’s daughter. We gave Dad the newsletter to read…..” Did you tell Lindsay what you plan to do Dad?”his daughter went on to say that dad instructed her to give an additional $60 each month so that someone else could attend Cindy’s Celebrations….. Lindsay thanked Lee and gave him “a big hug ” “I’ll see you on Monday Lee !” she turned and pulled the door shut behind her.

Her heart was full with thankfulness for what she had just experienced….. Lindsay had no idea that just two days after that Lee would pass away…. Lindsay said “she will always remember and cherish that last take-home with Lee….it truly was a hug from The Lord!” Lee’s family gave a memorial gift to Cindy Celebrations making it possible for another luncheon friend to join us each month for a year. Thank you Lord for the blessing of bringing Lee into our lives and calling him our friend!❤️ Lindsay said “I want to share this wonderful make my day ……. A blessing from God……. a pat on the back ……. Hug story❤️”

On this past Friday I went to go pick up Clint. He is a resident at Country Villa in Watsonville. He is a World War II veteran and has been coming to Cindy’s for many,many,years! When we first met Clint we would pick him up at his child hood home. When his father first built that home it was oceanfront. Now several blocks from West cliff Drive.

He would often remind us of the near 100 year old camellia bush/tree his Mom had planted in his front yard. Wow! Clint is a man of few words…… But it’s always a joy to hear his favorite expressions.”No news is good news!” “Cup of Joe, grounds for evidence!””I get the rumble seat” which brings a smile to those who are in earshot of those long-ago expressions….

Clint sleeps on the middle bed in a room which is shared by him and two other men. Basically, in a spot as big as most of our closets. Lindsay continues to share ….. I walked in to Clint’s room and he was laying down with a blanket over him. His eyes closed and just resting. I said to him,”Good morning Clint”he said,”is it morning?” I replied, it is…. I’m here to take you to lunch”and he said while still laying down covered with his blanket, but awake now.”lunch huh”I said,”Yes with Cindy’s!”HE SPRUNG UP faster than I ever seen him move. He said,”CINDY’S!? CINDY ‘S CELEBRATIONS?! Oh I haven’t seen them in a while!” And he was up, shoes on and standing within a minute! “Ready to go!!”

I couldn’t help but smile with joy at his excitement about coming to Cindy’s! I thanked God for that hug from Clint! It was a reminder of the the joy Cindy’s truly brings to our senior community and how much our luncheon friends bless each of our lives!❤️ Wow! Lindsay thank you so much for sharing!! So that all of us could experience the blessing in a day of the life at Cindy’s Celebrations❤️

“Hello Lindsay,
We are so appreciative of the happy lunch outings Mom was able to enjoy for over seven years,three days a week. The cheery, loving  care you all provided gave her much joy.
Thank you. May God continue to bless Cindy’s Celebrations.
Gail & Bob”

“Dear Cindy’s
Thank you again for the many lovely lunches you shared with Marietta. She’s so look forward to seeing you…..even when her memories were dim. She seemed to perk up when we mentioned that she was going to lunch with all of you at Cindy’s Celebrations.
Shrin & George”

“Dear Lindsay and staff,
The joy you brought into my Mom and especially Dad’s Mondays was incredible. My dad was having a difficult time with Mom’s advancing dementia.

Cindy’s Celebrations brought some normalcy back into their lives. They always return in the best of moods. Dad could not stop praising the time they had. Please know your service is a gift beyond measure to seniors and I am so thankful for the joy you especially brought into my Dad’s life!
God bless you!

 My experience with Cindy’s Celebrations is two-stage. Cindy’s Celebrations was a huge and very important part of my husband, John,  and my lives for over two years beginning in 2005.  In  2003 my husband was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s at the young age of 59.  Up to this point he was a very successful electrical engineer;  healthy and fit in every way.  Though I do not consider myself a joiner, I turned to the local chapter of Alzheimer’s.  It was at these weekly meetings that I learned first hand, through caregivers like myself, what Cindy’s meant to them.

It wasn’t long after, that I contacted Cindy’s Celebrations, and John became a weekly visitor. Each Thursday John eagerly looked forward to visiting with the usual Thursday guests, Cindy’s volunteers and staff.  Many days he would ask me when Thursday was, because he wanted to be well groomed, showered and shaved.  Truthfully, when the doorbell would ring on Thursdays, John would jump from the couch and eagerly answer the door.  There was always a bright smile and huge hug awaiting him.  I would walk them to the van, but all conversation was directed at John, and I knew then he felt very special.

Seven years ago my dear John passed away. The empty feeling of his passing has now been replaced with my own excitement at sharing a luncheon each week with everyone at Cindy’s. I began volunteering last year. I find happiness and warmth in visiting with these luncheon guests and making them smile and laugh and share parts of their lives.  Just this past Friday myself and luncheon guests laughed so hard we wiped tears from our eyes.
Thank You to all my new friends at Cindy’s.
Laurie Root