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“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.”– Andy Rooney

Over the past 25 years we at Cindy’s Celebrations have had the greatest opportunity to be in the classroom of our local seniors….. As we share lunch and life together regularly. It gives us an opportunity to learn not only about our world,and our country but also about our home here in Santa Cruz….. from a perspective of days gone bye…… Several men in our group over the years shared how they met their future wives dancing at the Coconut Grove. Not only there but would reminisce about their time spent on the Cement Ship down at Seacliff on a Saturday night. Our own Ed Twohig who hosted our luncheons for seven years. Had on display the nostalgic Cement Ship’s beautiful wooden steering wheel. Which was preserved under glass as a table in his living room. Than not  15 feet from that was a beautiful table that we used each day that contained seven leaves which allowed it to seat 18 and was 100 years old. The story told was it came from a brothel on the west side…….” Maybe someone would like to investigate that or maybe not!” Let’s  just leave that story the way it was told!

Cindy Celebrations is a local nonprofit whose mission is to honor and celebrate seniors in our community.  This is simply done by spending time together as we share in a meal and conversation at a local restaurant and interacting while enjoying the outing and seeing our community as we pick each luncheon friend up with door-to-door service. We also enjoyed interacting with parlor type games, bingo, Trivial Pursuit and past and current events. Many of our seniors live alone or in board and care or skilled facilities. This allows them to get out and enjoy life outside their normal surroundings while developing new friendships. This can also provides respite for caregivers. Each outing includes 5 to 6 hours away. Lunch at a local restaurant. And transportation. The fee is $60 per day. We also offer a monthly outings for those seniors that can’t afford it . If you would like more information about Cindy’s Celebrations please call 831-479-7509 or visit our website at Cindy Celebrations.org.